The Redbank Valley Historical Society, Inc. is a nonprofit group of individuals whose interest is in researching and preserving a factual and accurate history of the area comprising approximately the same area as the Redbank Valley School District. Our first goal is to research and compile historical data to be used in the publication of a book of the area. Once that goal is achieved the society will endeavor to establish a Redbank Area Heritage and Genealogy Center in New Bethlehem and to collect and preserve artifacts pertinent to the history and genealogy of the area for display at that center which will be open for public use and enjoyment. We will from time to time entertain quest speakers to present interesting subject matters of local history to the group. We will also from time to time conduct field trips to various places of historical interest to the group. The Redbank Valley Historical Society has open memberships to anyone who is interested in and willing and able to contribute to our society’s goals.