Time Will Tell: Founders

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Pre-order the entire series on DVD.  This 10 part series is available for pre-order on DVD for a limited time.  The DVD will only be available during production and will not be sold after the series has completed.  The Limited Edition DVD will include bonus unseen footage.  We have a convenient order form you can print and send in for your copy.  Click the link above to print out your order form. There are other options available if you’d like to support the series as well, all information is on the printable form!

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Lifetime Membership

For a limited time you will receive a print of your choice from our Carol Kennimuth exclusive print series with your Lifetime Membership.  Click the link above for more information.

Pre-Order Voices from the Redbank Valley Book

Pre-Order Book

We have been working on this book for the last 10 years.  The stories presented in the videos, as well as many others are in the book, you can order your copy today, click the link above for more information.